Dr Ford's story has roiled the country for several weeks.  It is the latest thing to show how polarized things are.  As I understand it, Dr Ford stated that Judge Kavanaugh had tried to sexually abuse her with excessive force about 30 years ago.  I have tried hard to grok the issue without pre judging anything, because I do not have all the facts and because I need to face my wife. 

Let's say, for arguments sake, that Dr Ford is being truthful.  But there is one issue that bothers me.  Why now?

I wonder why this story is coming up now, after all these years.  My thinking is that if the motivation is personal vindication or even vengeful retribution, then I would understand it.  I totally accept how such an event can be a seed that grows over time to a big resentment that screws up a life.  But why did she wait?  Surely it rankled her mind all this time.  Surely she kept watch while Judge Kavanaugh rose steadily in his field.  He was in the public eye for a long time while being nominated to the Court of Appeals.  I feel that if she wanted her justice, which would have been quite human, she had her opportunity.  I don't think she could have known that her pay back would be far greater if she waited till July 2018.

However, if the motivation was political, then I feel totally non-sympathetic.  Using this story for political gain, whether it is true or not, seems very wrong.  Given that Dr Ford is politically exactly 180 degrees out of phase with Judge Kavanaugh, I feel that someone should have thought of this angle and addressed it.

Further, if she has placidly allowed someone else manipulate her for political gain, then that implies a lack of moral integrity.  We all accept that politicians are known to be immoral.  Colluding with them takes one to their level.  I wonder what Dr Ford was feeling between July and September 2018, while DiFi was withholding her letter.  And then who leaked her name to the public?  I wonder, does Dr Ford feel used now?

What is worse, being gang raped by a slew of adult politicians or being groped by a teen?  I guess we'll have to wait for her book.  I am glad it is not my story.

Oct 2018