Tesla blackout


1.       VViViD Hex+ Light Air-Tint Headlight Vinyl (16" x 60" (w/Toolkit))  ($14)

2.       Heat gun ($20)

Final result:  Lights off / on



Each headlight needs more than 2 feet of vinyl.  Laying it out as shown uses less than 3 feet for both headlights.  There is just enough material on the sides to grab on to for stretching.

Note: the Post-its left a residue.  I had to use alcohol to remove it.


Before / After

The result looks quite nice from a distance, but many wrinkles on the side are visible close up.  I'll do it again, and do the tail lights.  I wonder how long it will last.

I did this in a garage and in the winter.  Big mistake.  Need lots of light to see the bubbles & wrinkles.  And lots of warmth.


All in fun...