Sentinel Tower

Proof of concept


Prototype tower used 2x4 wood left over from previous projects.  Maya was happy and each platform is covered with synthetic grass.  But additional bracing was needed.

Click on any image to expand.

Production version


Version 2 is stronger and much more stable.  Also painted to match the new decking. 

She's a Pirate


Maya, on the poop deck, cruising off into the sunset with a tail-wind.



Figure 1 Click for animated 3D view

Want one?

Build your own using the design above.  Call me for help.  The design shown would be ideal for dogs 20 to 35 lbs.  Our puppy is about 28 lbs and loves sitting on her tower for hours.  Our tower is about 5'7" tall (see design) with 4 platforms.   Size can be varied.

Plastic grass padding (weatherproof).  Pressure treated wood frame.  Tower shown is doing fine after more than 2 years.

If you would like me to build one for you, it would be about $150.  1 year weather warranty.  Local delivery is possible but may not be free depending on distance.  Your choice of paint color.  Please allow 1 week for custom construction.