PoolEntry comparison

PoolEntry is described at https://www.poolentry.com.  A description of the Pool Monitor app is at https://pool.pejaver.com.  The two apps have widely differing goals & philosophies, and are aimed at very different markets.

Pool Entry

Pool Monitor

1.     PoolEntry requires members to install an app on their phones and bring their phone to the pool.  This may be inconvenient to members who walk to the pool in clothes without pockets.  PoolEntry also requires members to set up the app and configure their information. Again, some members may find this inconvenient. 

Pool Monitor uses a community owned tablet and the Life Guard operates it to check in and check out members.  Pool Monitor does not require members to install or configure anything on their phones, or to learn how to use a new app.

2.     PoolEntry does not seem to have a way to view pool usage logs or to analyze them. 

Pool Monitor allows live remote viewing of logs showing CheckIn and CheckOut times.  It also allows for sophisticated analysis of the data, like: how many members used the pool in a given period, max usage, who were in the pool at a specific time, etc.

3.     PoolEntry needs Internet access at the pool.  Though this is generally available at the pool, there are occasional signal losses. 

Pool Monitor is designed to be highly redundant and can function through Internet disconnects, or if the tablet is accidentally damaged.  Usage data will not be lost.

4.     PoolEntry has strict access control and only allows preconfigured members. 

Pool Monitor has much simpler method for validating members and requires less setup.

5.     From a security risk point of view, PoolEntry keeps some sensitive member data on their servers, like members' date of birth, credit card info (?), pictures, phone numbers, etc.  The servers can get hacked, and the information can get widely distributed. 

By design, Pool Monitor does not maintain any sensitive data.  See https://pejaver.com/PrivacyPolicy.htm

6.     Members would have to contact PoolEntry support when they have problems.  Look at the reviews.

Pool Monitor is far less complex and is designed to require little or no support.  It just needs to be fed an updated table of members for changes.

7.     PoolEntry allows for multiple communities, payments, pool-pass applications, member pictures, etc.  Tanglewood currently does not need these features.

Pool Monitor allows for multiple facilities in a single community to consolidate usage records in one database.  For example, the pool, gym and tennis court usage can be viewed and analyzed.

8.     Both PoolEntry and Pool Monitor currently require a human Life Guard to physically control member access to the pool.  It would have been interesting if they automatically unlocked a gate to allow only authorized members to enter.

Pool Monitor could be enhanced later to provide automated access to the tennis courts.  Also, members who sign waivers could be allowed off hour access to the pool.

9.     Not free

Free to use

10.     PoolEntry has "Average" reviews on the web, with about equal numbers of positive and negative reviews. 

Pool Monitor has no reviews, but our doggie strongly recommends it.